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GameChap's Avatar
Name GameChap
Gender Male
Minecraft IGN GameChap
Status Protagonist
Residence GameChap's House
Species Human
YouTube Username AdamzoneTopMarks

GameChap is the creator and main character of the GameChap YouTube Channel. He, along with his questionably loyal partner BertieChap, play many different games together, notably Minecraft. His YouTube Channel currently has over 480,000 subscribers and over 2,600 videos.



Gamechap's Minecraft appearance
Gamechap's Real life appearance

GameChap is commonly shown in his signature outfit. This consists of an olive plaid tweed suit jacket and matching dress trousers, with maroon-coloured brogues and gloves. He wears a red bow-tie and appears to be carrying a pink handkerchief in his pocket. He is fair skinned, with dark brown hair and handlebar moustache. He wears a black top hat decorated with a red stripe, though the shape of the hat is not shown in Minecraft due to the skin format. On top of that, he dons a golden monocle covering his right eye, and carries his signature Golden Sword of Justice.


GameChap is usually depicted with a cheerful and adventurous personality, willing to take on most outings. He is often respectful and polite, especially around authoritative figures such as Mr. Mayor, while bidding the not-so-formal Bertie to do the same. However, when disaster strikes, GameChap is not hesitant to blame the fault on Bertie, who usually is, but most definitely not always, the true culprit. Due to this, GameChap seems reluctant to accept Bertie's ideas, but usually will, showing an aspect of his gullibility. GameChap, when angry, will chase Bertie while attempting to smite him using the Golden Sword of Justice (this usually fails as Bertie is often on Creative Mode). In addition, he can be quite frightened in certain circumstances, as seen in several Herobrine-related videos. In his videos, GameChap speaks in his trademark exaggerated posh accent, apart from his very early days during Quest for the Golden Monocle or Survival Island, in which he spoke much slower and had a more deeper voice. Bertie has also gone through major voice changes himself.


GameChap's abilities are more focused on his intellect. He shows an analytical side as he is the one to explain the basics of a game or mod for viewers to understand. He is also very skilled in mathematics. In Minecraft, he has also shown certain physical traits. He possesses decent skill in swordfighting, as shown when he smites several monsters with his Golden Sword of Justice throughout his videos.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Gold, as well as all things clad in or made of gold (this includes The Golden Sword of Justice)
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Amazing mods and additions to Minecraft
  • Tea and whisky
  • Top hats and monocles
  • His house
  • Crumpets
  • Bacon


  • Bertie's maniacal and destructive personality
  • His house being destroyed, flooded, burned, or invaded
  • The village being destroyed, flooded, burned, or invaded
  • Rain
  • Herobrine
  • The letter "E"
  • Squiddington's wrath
  • Silverfish
  • Count Cadbury
  • Gerbils, of any kind.


The first video posted on the AdamzoneTopMarks channel that is still available is THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KART: EPISODE ONE, in which GameChap, not named as so then, dresses up as the titular Captain Kart and plays a round of Mario Kart. This video features Bertie as a background narrator.

Later, he created a short, currently discontinued series named The Gentleman Observer, in which he dresses up in an outfit that appears to be the basis of his Minecraft skin. He sits on a couch and voices his opinion on trending news. For unknown reasons, some episodes were removed, leaving only episodes 3 and 6 online.

After this, the name GameChap was created. His first series as GameChap was a playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Later, he would create the well-known Minecraft series Quest for the Golden Monocle, which introduced BertieChap in Minecraft.

More series followed, including Survival Island and Aether Adventure. The chaps explored conspiracies on the mythical Herobrine and thereon the numerous sketches and mod reviews on GameChap's channel began to unfold as well as the constant delivery of video-game related news. GameChap started expanding to a variety of games in his videos, including Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3, GTA V, and Skyrim. Currently, his channel is more focused on game news, mod reviews and standalone videos rather than playthrough series. In 2013, GameChap went on Garry's Mod with Bertie dressed as Bertman and showcased several videos in Garry's Mod.


  • "I say, what-ho, chaps and chapettes! GameChap and Bertie here!"
  • "I shall smite you with the Golden Sword of Justice!"
  • "Bertie! You bally cad!"
  • "This is all your fault, Bertie!"
  • "Are you sure this is quite safe?"
  • "Bertie! You've blown a huge gaping hole in the village, I say!"
  • "Thank you kindly for joining us, fellows, and we look forward to joining you in the next exciting outing. Until then!"
  • "I've got an apple!"
  • "Tally ho"
  • "Bally bounder"
  • "Old chap"
  • "The poor chap"
  • "You had no brain to start with. (Bertie: "Oooo!")"
  • "I say"
  • "I'll live I say... I think"
  • "Good show"
  • "What what"
  • "Good show my man"
  • "Well done my man"
  • "Splendid"
  • "Splendid I say"
  • "My word"
  • "Marvelous rendition, fellows!"


  • Before Bertie was as destructive as he is, in a Survival Island video, GameChap dreamt of Bertie being a creeper. This is likely a foreshadowing of Bertie's obsession with explosions.
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